8 Surprising Features of Telegram That You Probably Didn’t Know

Unveiling the Hidden Gems: Unlocking Telegram's Secret Functions and Tips for Power Users!

We are all familiar with the Telegram app. The Telegram app was launched in 2013. Although Telegram is less popular in our country compared to WhatsApp, IMO, and Viber, many people are unaware of the features and advantages of the Telegram app. Are you surprised? Let’s learn about 10 surprising facts about Telegram!

  1. One great feature of Telegram is that after sending a message, you can edit it if you want. Imagine you have written to your friend, “Hey, how are you?” and you realize you want to add something more to the same message. By pressing “Edit” after the message, you can edit the message and add or delete something else.
  2. Another advantage of the Telegram app is that you can delete any message at any time after sending it. When you click on a message, options like “Delete for you” and “Also Delete for Friend” will appear. If you don’t want your friend to see the message, you can delete it. In WhatsApp or Messenger, unsent messages are displayed as “You unsent a message,” but Telegram does not display any such indication. The message will be completely deleted. You can delete the message before the friend reads it or even after they read it.
  3. Another great feature of the Telegram app is the “Invite Friend” option, which allows you to send invitations to everyone on your contact list. Through the “People Nearby you” option, you can send invitations to all the contacts nearby.
  4. One of the notable advantages of the Telegram app is that when you open a Telegram group, you can add up to 200,000 contacts. It means you can add or invite group members up to 200,000. You can open a new group from the Telegram settings by selecting the “New Group” option. Then set the display picture for the group by clicking on the camera icon. By clicking on the three dots, you can set the group’s admin, team members, facilities, duration, and more.
  5. By clicking on the edit icon on the Telegram app, you can either open a new channel or add a link to an existing channel. In that channel, when you upload a video, all your friends and subscribers will receive video notifications. You won’t find this feature for free promotion in any other app.
  6. Using the Secret Chat option in the Telegram app, you can have secret conversations. You can also set the self-destruct timer for messages in the settings.
  7. When sending photos through the Telegram app, you can send them with the correct resolution, unlike other apps where the resolution decreases. Telegram has overcome this problem, making it more attractive than other apps.
  8. When we try to send large videos to our friends, we often encounter various problems. Sending files is not enough. Telegram has come up with a solution to this problem! You can send videos up to 1.5 GB in size from the Telegram app. Sharing such large-sized files or videos is not possible in other apps.

These are some surprising facts about the Telegram app. It offers unique features and advantages that make it stand out among other messaging apps.

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